Women in Business: How to Achieve a Lucid Dream State of Control in Every Business Interaction.

How can you reach a beautiful state of control during your most stressful business meetings? How can you make time stand still to allow all of your words to be effective and powerful? How can you attain precisely the outcome which you could only dream? In fact, how could you control your role in business[…]

7 Segments in Needs Assessment From the Sales Goddess Demeter

Throughout the history of sales training, many different processes have been taught and utilized. The prevailing body of wisdom has originated from male authors and typically, has been geared toward male salespeople. They didn’t take into account the unique strengths of women, or the inhibitions that women may feel. How do you know which female[…]

Techniques for Planning Customer Strategy from Themis, the Sales Goddess of Order

In my book,┬áThe Authentic Sale, A Goddess’s Guide to Business, I speak about knowing which aspects of the (somewhat) universal sales process are your natural strengths. Knowing your strengths and then leading with them will help you fortify all of the other components of the process by understanding which competencies to shore up by teaming[…]

5 Ways to Assess the Needs of Your Customer From the Greek Goddess Demeter, The Primordial Mother

Women have unique strengths that, when tapped into, have a powerful impact in selling, such as compassion, collaboration, and empathy. The vast majority of sales and leadership training has been geared toward helping women succeed by following male success techniques. We have spent years being indoctrinated into believing that fitting into a male mold is[…]